Movie Dates at Home

It's been so long since the last time hubby and I went on a movie date. After I gave birth, we haven't gotten the chance to watch the latest showings on movie theaters. Well, finding time to go out for a date is a little bit challenging now that we have our little one—besides the budget. However, the above obstacles can't stop us from watching the current movies. The solution? REDBOX! For only a dollar a night, we can already enjoy on the comfort of our couch the newest box-office films in Hollywood.

So far since last Saturday, we have already watched Avatar, Shelock Holmes, Up in the Air, and The Blind Side. Waiting in line is Did You Hear About the Morgans?

We don't only watch the movies at home on the weekends. We also watch one on weekdays whenever there are no shows on TV that we like. Coming June, new seasons of some TV shows that we patronize will be on. Most probably by then, watching movies at home on weekdays lies low.

Anyway, I'm glad there's Redbox. It gives us the opportunity to spend time together like a date in a very affordable budget. How much more the comfort that the home brings?

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