Taste Like Home Rice Puto (Cake) and Bibingka Recipe

I miss rice puto (cake). It's one of my favorite "kakanin" back in the Philippines. I looked for recipes online and even tried to make one. It was good, but not very close to what I grew up to. Thankfully, a Filipina friend of mine gave me a great recipe and tips on how to make this awesomely tasting rice puto which also can be cooked as bibingka (bingka). This recipe absolutely tastes like it's directly from home. If you are from Mindanao or Visayas (and is currently living abroad), this is the recipe that you can appreciate. Just make sure you follow every bit of tip that is suggested.


3 cups white rice (Buy the cheapest, ordinary kind you can find. I bought the Walmart brand white rice. Do not use Jasmine rice.)

1 cup coconut milk

1 pack yeast

1 cup and 1 tbsp white sugar (use brown sugar for bibingka)

1/4 cup rice-soaked water


1. Soak rice overnight. Drain rice but reserve 1/4 cup of the rice water,'
2. Warm the rice water to lukewarm temperature. Pour and mix in yeast and 1 tbsp sugar. Let rise (10-15 minutes)
3. In a blender or food processor, grind rice with the coconut milk until rice is VERY FINE.
4. Mix rice and yeast mixture, pour in white sugar and stir. Use brown sugar for bibingka.
5. Set aside mixture and let rise (double the size, 2-3 hours).
6. Stir mixture thoroughly and make sure there are no bubbles before pouring in the puto mold.
7. Put a tablespoon of vinegar in water before steaming. Steam 30-45 minutes. Bigger mold takes longer to cook. For bibingka, bake at 400° for 30 minutes.

God the Healer

I won't forget this day. I got to pray over one of the moms in my church's Bible study. There was a battle between my mind and my heart whether I will do it or not, whether I will approach her, or just go home after the study. I am not used to approaching people and tell them I will pray over them. But today, my heart won. My God is victorious. To Him be the glory! God's glory will reflect on her absolute healing.

"Everything is possible to him who believes." - Mark 9:23

Getting Creative with AstroBrights Papers

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Back to School Shoes Savings at Famous Footwear

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Bad Water Melon at Mekong Plaza

Quite disappointed of the water melon we got at Mekong Plaza last weekend. There was not a part of the fruit that can be eaten. It's terribly overripe. The inside was so soft, juicy, but in a bad way. Absolutely a waste of money. This Asian market should strictly choose their fresh produce suppliers. This is not the first time we experience getting bad fruits and produce. There are a lot of great produce available in this place, but, as a buyer I expect all produce to be fresh and edible. I paid for it, therefore I deserve what I spent our money for. I like Mekong. It's where I get most of my ingredients when I crave for my native Filipino food. However, I wish this establishment gives me the best of their merchandise everytime we go and purchase some. More than twice of getting inedible fresh produce is too much.

Grilled Pompano Fish: Give it a Try!

I decided to buy Pompano fish yesterday instead of the Bonita fish. I was bored of the latter. I've been eating the same fish for a month and I wanted something different. I remember when I went to visit a Filipina friend who lives nearby, she made a whole grilled Pompano fish. It was very good. Evie even loved it.

So today, I gave in to my craving and prepared the fish for lunch. I stuffed it with salted green onions, yellow onions, and tomatoes. Before I put it in the oven, I rubbed a little amount of salt on both sides. I used olive oil to coat the pan. I set the oven to 350 degrees and cooked the fish for about 20 minutes. I flipped it on the other side after the first 10 minutes. By the way, I only use convection oven to cook it in "grill" setting. The fish turned out sooooooooo good. I wanted to eat the whole fish but was getting too full. The fish's meat is very sweet and tastes fresh. The spices I put with salt in it really helped enhance the flavor of the fish. My craving is satisfied! :)

If you like grilled fish, I recommend Pompano fish. Give it a try and taste for yourself.

Moving Easter Sunday Service

Grace Community Church's Easter Sunday service this year was quite moving to me. Tears were racing one after the other. The emotions started to well up inside when this special group of church members, one by one, walked into the middle of the stage holding a huge, white placard with writings in it. The writings were confessions of how and what they were before they knew Jesus. Declarations were expressed in one word, at the most three words. Confessions like: fatherless to heavenly Father; fear to no fear; unloved to loved; cancer to survivor; selfish to selfless;  exhausted to refreshed; uncertain to certain; lost to found, and many more. It was done in silent gesture, but the impact in mind, heart, and soul, was so powerful. I knew that I was not only the one touched by the messages. I felt it all around me. I heard sniffles beside, on the front, on the back. It was very touching and humbling to identify myself as one of these people; the bad and sad things I went through before having a personal relationship with Jesus, and the good and joyful things I received after knowing my personal Savior.

The choir was awesome. As the presentation was done, one girl in her teens led the lead vocals and was accompanied by a group of children, probably ages 6 to 10 years of age. They sounded like heavenly angels sent from above. The song they sung and the angelic voices that came out from their mouth made the event more meaningful and strong. I felt like I was in heaven...with Jesus.

It was such an awesome service. Thank you Grace Community Church for moving my heart and the tears that I shed...from the bottom of my heart.