The End, and The Beginning

Guest post from: Kent Lara

I love Christmas. I love giving gifts and having family and friends over for dinner and having the kids home from college. But just as all good things must come to an end, so do the holidays. As the old year passed and the New Year began, I spent the last few hours with my daughter and son helping them prepare to return to school. Each of us will struggle with our own challeges as we move foreward in our lives. With money being tight this year, my daughter will need to find a job. My son is contemplating going out for debate team. I'm struggling trying to find a reliable car. We set goals for this years' resolutions and talked about assignments that were coming due and what they needed to do to complete them; I helped my daughter pack her clothes into her usual three suitcases; I washed my son's clothes and made sure he had enough snacks for the long drive back to the University. And, as they left our home for their dorm rooms, memories about the good old days flooded my thoughts; days when they were still my little babies, running around the house in diapers. But for now, with the house empty again, and silence filling the walls, I set the home security alarm and headed off to work.
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