Starbucks eGift Card from Paypal

It's great when you receive a free gift even if it's only worth $5. Well, I got mine today from Paypal. The gift is a membership complimentary given to Paypal users whose accounts are upgraded to Paypal Advantage from spending a certain amount within the whole year. Five bucks sound so small. But because it's a Starbucks e-Gift, five bucks to me look like an afternoon of coffee delight. I already imagine myself sipping a cup of Caramel Macchiato or Cafe Latte. Good thing about it? It's absolutely free! That means I don't have to spend $3+ to satisfy my thirst for Starbucks coffee. That's a good amount of savings. :)

Thanks Paypal for the e-Gift card. I truly appreciate it! Can't wait for the sip!
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