Fry's Says Goodbye to Competitor's Coupons

We're quite disappointed when we found out that Fry's decided to stop accepting competitor's coupons. We shop our groceries in Fry's every week and we used competitor's coupons in able for us to save. A Fresh & Easy coupon is usually what we take with us on our trip to Fry's every Sunday (aside from manufacturer's coupons if there's some that we can use). Most of the time just by using the Fresh & Easy coupon, we saved $5.00. Almost every week, we received their coupon from the Wednesday newspaper. Typically their coupon is a $5 off purchase of $25. There was one time during a holiday where they issued a $10 off purchase of $50. That really helped a lot. But now that Fry's stopped accepting competitor's coupons beginning July 31, my husband and I decided that we need to focus our attention more on deals and savings of items that we need offered in other grocery stores. Most probably, we will be going to 2 or 3 stores during our grocery shopping starting this coming Sunday instead of just going to Fry's. I am still hoping though that Fry's will bring back the said promotion again. Then we will be happy customers.
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