Mixing in some pleasure on the green with work

Guest post written by Blake Clark

Sometimes I get to play a little at work, or at least it seems that way. I’m pretty good at golf and a lot of the people I do business with know it, which means that when they’re in town they insist that we go and play.
I was on the golf team in high school and played a lot during college but once I started playing on a regular basis as part of work I stopped associating it with fun and leisure.

One of the vendors that I work with a lot asked once he planned his business trip here that he wanted to go to a new golf course. I thought we had exhausted all of them so I hit my satellite internet service SC in search of another. Then I remembered an e-mail that another vendor had just sent me from his satellite internet Wyoming about a golf course that was opening nearby that he wanted to go to next time he was in town. It sounded like the perfect thing and I sent it back as a suggestion.

I copied my boss on the e-mail and he replied back to me from the wireless internet service Sandpoint at his in-laws while he was visiting them.
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