High School Reunion: 20 Years After

The last time I saw her was March 1991, our high school graduation. After almost 20 years had passed by I was blessed enough to meet my classmate and friend, Lenny. She dropped by to meet me after their visit to her father-in-law who lives in Prescott, AZ. Like me, she also married an American. They live in Alaska and she's been in the U.S. for more than 10 years now.

Nothing much had changed except for the wrinkles on our faces that tell us how many years had gone by. It was a wonderful reunion. I was quite touched for the unexpected "pasalubongs" (presents). There's some for me, my hubby, and of course the little one. We shared a good list of Filipino foods that I cooked. Lenny stuffed her tummy to the max (ha ha). I was glad she liked what I prepared: pancit bihon, homba, steamed sweet potato, steamed peanuts,fried salted shrimps, and of course rice.

Chit-chats seemed endless. There's a lot of things to catch up. However the time was not enough for us to talk all the things that we missed. For only two and a half hours, her visit was quick as a lightning. But, it was full of good memories, good foods, and good laughs. God willing, she will be able to visit me again next year since they visit their father annually. Perhaps by then, we would be able to catch up with things we missed to talk about.
Yummy Filipino foods

Lenny's pasalubongs
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