Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

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If you are pregnant, you probably heard about umbilical cord blood  banking. Most probably, you heard this from your obstetrician during a regular visit. Then you ask yourself, "do I really have to save my baby's cord blood? How important is it? What are the benefits? Is it worth the money?" These are just few of the questions that you want answers.

Umbilical cord blood banking is a medical process that is done at the time of your child's birth. It is a painless and safe procedure wherein blood is drawn from the umbilical cord by a medical expert. The collected blood is then stored and kept safe in a cord blood bank like

Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking offers a substantial medical benefit to your child and even to his or her sibling. If in the future your child is plagued by a fatal illness such as blood disorder, cancer, metabolic disorder, and more, stem cells found in the cord blood are valuable instruments used to treat the life-threatening disease afflicting your child. It has also been found out in recent medical studies that cord blood may also heal other types of illnesses of which until now the medical industry has not discovered a cure yet.

Cord blood banking is not cheap. It can costs you a few thousands. But if in case your child needs it in the future, you will save a thousand bucks more than what you have paid at present. There are a lot of cord blood banks offering discounts that will give you good savings. You can try and check their special offers. If you avail their consultation, a belly bag is yours for free!

Saving your baby's cord blood is decision that you must carefully consider. It's a preparation for the future. No parents want their child to get a life-threatening disease. However, we do not know what happens tomorrow. Preparing today of what we think is necessary for the future is the best we can do.

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