He Does Not Like Seafood

He wants fried rice for dinner tonight. I asked if it's ok to put shrimps aside from chicken, pork and veggies. I got a positive response. He does not like shrimps. Generally, he does not eat seafood. Totally my opposite. I grew up with the abundance of different kinds of seafoods and always have the joy and delight of munching them. He grew up in a desert where ocean is nowhere to be found.

He ate fish when he was younger, but a vacation where they went fishing with his parents became a traumatic experience for him. His father slaughtered the fish they caught in front him and his brother. He was so young, with so innocent mind and did not understand why the fish that he was so proud of catching had to be killed and eaten. The experience made him shy away from eating fish.

Last May, we invited his parents over our place for a Filipino cuisine dinner. The day before, we went to an Asian market and bought a huge bangus (milk fish) to grill. I love bangus so much, specially when it is grilled.

My husband put some bits of the grilled fish on his plate. If I remember it right, it was the second time he tried eating fish from the day he had the traumatic fish experience. I was around on the his first try and it was not easy for him. He had a hard time swallowing the fish. The problem was more of psychological I supposed.

The grilled bangus was the second attempt. Unfortunately, it was not a wonderful experience either. A bone stuck on his pallate and it took him a while to remove that nasty needle. I was so worried and felt some kind of a blame because I insisted that he should try the fish. I told him in a jesting manner that I was hoping it will not traumatize him. I really hope not.

I think I should not push or convince my husband from eating fish again, and yes...seafood. The very reason why I had been insistent to him trying in these delicacies is because he has a strong passion for cooking. I thought perhaps, he can try different foods. But anyhow, I realized that whatever kind of food he is comfortable preparing and eating, I should be there to show my 101% support. Perhaps some days, he wants to go beyond his comfort zone in cooking and trying new food, and I will give him the same kind of support that he needs.

His not eating seafood does not make me love him less. And by the way, I decided not to mix the shrimps with the other ingredients for the fried rice that I will make tonight. :)
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