Shopping For Nursing Bras

Our baby girl Evie is due 2+ weeks from now. We are purchasing some things we need in the last minute, and one of these things are nursing bras.

After the childbirth class last Saturday, we went for a lunch in a Filipino restaurant and headed immediately to Arizona Mills where the JC Penney outlet is located. I had a $50 gift card from my mother-in-law which she gave me on my birthday last July, so I thought of using it to buy the bras I need. Unfortunately, it's not available in the store. We walked around the mall and checked both Ross and Marshalls' outlets. I like shopping in these stores because they have branded items but in low prices. It was a disappointment because the things we've been looking for are not sold there. We happened to drop by at a lingerie store, but, they're expensive and they looked too dull to me.

My husband's sensitivity to my needs as a pregnant woman carrying a heavy baby while walking around the mall brought him to finding a place where I can sit and rest my legs. I didn't know that he was looking for a place where I can do that. We reached to this location in the mall where shiatsu massaging chairs are installed. He asked me to sit down and put my feet up. It's located near the Disney toy shop. He asked me to stay on the chair, went inside the store, went out with a bag full of Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed toys. He bought Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore for Evie. I started liking these characters when he read to me the Winnie-the-Pooh book some nights before bedtime. There were nights I fell asleep while he's still reading, so he ended up reading again the stories I missed.

Sunday, we went to Tempe Market and had lunch at Cheeburger. We checked the JC Penney store there and found nursing bras. The saleslady was very accommodating and helped us. She measured my busts to make sure I will get the right size. Well, what they have in stock were the same brand and same style from the lingerie store that we went to last Saturday. I honestly didn't like it. They looked so stodgy. The bras with my measurement even looked so big and I can't imagine myself wearing those. There was one style that I liked, but the cup was big that when I tried it, the cup wrinkled. My husband was very helpful and supportive of me. He was browsing each product that has my measurement and showed me what he got. I kept telling my husband that they're ugly, the colors were dull, and I wanted something "sexy." Due to his frustration with my being picky, the tone of his voice changed a little bit. I sensed the tone of irritation and I was too sensitive of it. I felt bad and asked with an upset voice if he's mad at me. My eyes started to well up, but, I tried to withhold the tears. Luckily, I was able to do so. He said he was sorry for snapping at me. I knew he didn't mean it. I think he was also disappointed because for two days of looking for something I need, we still didn't find it. We ended up getting 4 pieces of bras. The saleslady suggested that I can try it on at home and see if I like the fit, or we can return the products.

I was not at all happy with what we got, but at the same time, I did not want to add more pressure on my husband.

Fortunately, Target is located nearby JC Penney. We went in and surveyed the lingerie section. Alas! My husband found a rack that's full of nursing bras! "Oh my! I like these much much better. These are what I want!" I exclaimed. LOL. He helped me find my size with different styles. We picked 4 nursing bras. He kept asking me if I'm happy and satisfied with what we got, and I always answer him with gleaming eyes and a big smile on my lips. I can see that my husband was so happy too because I was happy and got what I really wanted. I told him of how the bras we got from the other store makes me feel ugly and not sexy. LOL. I also told him of how particular I am with picking bras because I really like sexy bras just how I like cute and elegant sandals. He just gave me back a sweet smile and a kiss on my lips. He must have thought how silly I am.

Well, we returned the items we got from JC Penney, and got back the money. It was frustrating at the start, but ended up as a happy nursing bra shopping day experience. It's one of the times where we resolved unexpected bad moments together. My husband is the best. The most loving, caring, thoughtful, understanding man I've known in my life. I love him so much.
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