Growling Stomach

My stomach woke me up around 5 this morning. I tried to ignore it. I didn't want to get up and disturb my husband's sleep. However, I sensed that after he got from the bathroom, he's not asleep at all. At 5:30, his back against me and I was hugging him, he shifted to face me. He found me wide awake. I told him that I was hungry. He asked if I wanted an egg. He actually asked me me last night while we're on bed getting ready to sleep what I wanted for breakfast. I chuckled because it was too early for breakfast.

He got up, while Tom our cat went to see me in the bedroom. He's meowing a lot, wanting something. I deemed he was hungry, so I got up. I saw my husband in the kitchen. Lights were off. I inquired what he was doing, and told me that he thought of slicing a piece of Manila mango for me. I told him that I wanted the coconut bread we got from the Asian market, so I got a slice of it and a cup of hot chocolate drink.

He was on the laptop, later asked if I wanted to go back to sleep. I was not feeling that sleepy, so I urged him to go back to bed. He said he'll try. Poor precious one, I disturbed his sleep. I hope that he's really napping now and wakes up the normal or later than usual.
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