Christmas Tree-less

Whether to put up a Christmas tree or not was a question we didn't know the answer yet until we ran a test. With a toddler who loves to grab everything she can, putting up a Christmas tree doesn't seem like a good idea.

Test, Test, Test

My husband came up an idea to put up an unornamented Christmas tree. It's to test the little one's interest. He wanted to find out how far her curiosity goes in seeing something new, tall, and green inside the house. Putting it on the floor will never be a good plan with someone as curious as a monkey. So, we decided to put the boring tree on top of a small table. Of course, she touched it, scrutinized this thing she hadn't seen before.

Tree was down twice on the first day of testing. But don't just blame everything on the little one. The chasing cats were responsible for the second Christmas tree disaster.

Not a Christmas Tree-less December
My mind was fixed that we will not have a Christmas tree this year because of the failed test. So sad, huh? I really wanted to put up a Christmas tree specially for her. I am very sure that she will love the bright lights and beautiful ornaments. But it would be useless if everyday we find the tree on the floor, torn up, with ornaments all over the floor.

But my husband is so brilliant. He came up with a perfect idea that will surely delight our daughter's heart and senses.

Christmas Morning Surprise
On Christmas Eve as the little one is sound asleep, Dada and Mama is going to decorate the tree. That way, a wonderful surprise will greet her when she opens her eyes on Christmas morning: fully-ornamented Christmas tree with flashing lights! Most probably, she would be more interested grabbing the ball ornaments than opening her gifts. By then, I don't think we would still care if the tree ends up bare at the end of the day. What matters is, she will spend her Christmas day full of joy and fun memories.
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