Radiance Women of Grace: Beth Moore "Revelation" Week 1

Last night was the opening of the Beth Moore's "Revelation" study among Radiance Women of Grace ministry in my church, Grace Community Church. This is my first time to attend a gathering like this. Thanks to my beloved husband who encouraged me to join this church community group of faithful women. He's actually volunteering for the Kid's Night Out that also falls every Wednesday, so the setup is so perfect for both of us. Besides, our daughter would be able to be around and socialize with kids her age. Going back to Radiance women ministry, I knew that there's this group in our church, but I was so complacent of the idea and the will to be a part of it. But last night, I finally did!

There were 6 women in our group. Our leader Barbara is such a very sweet and adorable woman. She greeted me with a hug. Every person in our group was very nice. I feel the presence of Jesus Christ in them and with them. We got to share a little bit of something about each of us—the things we like to do in our free time. Of course my answer was writing/blogging. Two women like to do puzzles, one loves to read, the other one enjoys exercising, and one takes pleasure in doing nothing :).

Fresh fruits, wafers, and cookies were our treats on the table. I presume, Barb brought the snacks to munch as we go through our study. We each signed and commit to bring treats at the dates we chose, and I will be bringing treats twice during the entire course of the study. November 9 and November 30. I have to jot those dates down or I will make my group go hungry.

Beth Moore's "Revelation" is the subject that we will be tackling for 10 weeks. Each one of us were given a book where we can take down notes and write in our weekly assignments. The video of the speaker is played on the big screen, and we get the significant points from there through her teaching. Last night of course was the introduction of the subject matter. We studied Revelation 1:1-8 and other few verses in the Bible.

We ended up with a prayer and giving out our prayer requests to the person on our right. We took it home with us and include the requests during our private prayer time. Interceding for someone is very fulfilling. I love that God gave me this privilege to pray for the needs of someone I do not know.

I am quite grateful that my husband suggested for me to join the session. I am quite grateful that I didn't say "no." I am excited and looking forward of God's revelations to me all throughout this study. To Him be the glory!
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